(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Rainbow hue
1. color, hue, tint, tinge, shade, dye, complexion, tincture, cast, coloration, glow, flush; tone, key; color organ; Technicolor.
2. pure, primary, positive, or complementary color; three primaries; spectrum, chromatic dispersion; secondary color, tertiary color; coloring, pigmentation, perspective, value; brilliance, saturation; light, dark, medium; chromatics; spectrum analysis, prism, spectroscope, VIBGYOR (the spectrum: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red); rainbow, kaleidoscope. See variegation.
3. pigment, stain (see painting); dye[stuff].
a. black, blueblack, carbon, charcoal, coal, crow, ebony, India ink, ink, jet, lampblack, pitch, raven, sable, sloe-black, soot.
b. [baby, calamine, cobalt, Copenhagen, Delft, Dresden, ice, midnight, Napoleon, navy, peacock, powder, royal, Prussian, sea, sky, steel, Venetian, or Wedgwood] blue, aquamarine, azure, blueberry, bluebonnet, cerulean, cobalt, copen, cornflower, cyan, delft, gentian, huckleberry, hydrangea, indigo, indrathene, jouvence, lapis lazuli, lucerne, lupine, marine, milori, sapphire, smalt, teal, turquoise, ultramarine, wisteria, woad, zaffer.
c. brown; burnt almond, sienna, ocher, or umber; acorn, anthracene, auburn, baize, bay, beige, biscuit, brick, brindle, bronze, buff, burgundy, butternut, café au lait, camel, caramel, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, doeskin, drab, dun, ecru, fallow, fawn, fox, hazel, istre, khaki, mahogany, manila, maple sugar, mocha, negro, nougat, nutria, ocher, pongee, putty, raffia, raw sienna, russet, rust, sandalwood, sepia, sienna, sorrel, tan, tanaura, tawny, toast, umber, Vandyke brown, walnut.
d. gray, dun, flint, granite, greige, henna, liver, merle, moleskin, mushroom, neutral, nutmeg, obsidian, oxblood, pelican, piccolopasso, plumbago, roan, russet, salt-and-pepper, sand, sedge, sepia, silver, slate, smoke, sorrel, taupe, terracotta, titian.
e. [Brunswick, cadmium, chrome, emerald, forest, kelly, Kendal, Paris, Lincoln, Niagara, or Nile] green, absinthe, aqua, avocado, bay, beryl, bice, brewster, celadon, chartreuse, clair de lune, corbeau, cucumber, cypress, drake, fir green, flagstone, grass, gunpowder, holly, jade, leaf, lime, lizard, loden, lotus, malachite, marine, mint, moss, myrtle, olive, parrot, patina, pea green, pistachio, reseda, sea green, serpentine, shamrock, spruce, teal, terre verte, tourmaline, turquoise, verdancy, verdigris, vert, viridian, yew.
f. orange, apricot, cadmium, carotene, carrot, chrome, copper, helianthin, hyacinth, mandarin, marigold, mikado, ocher, pumpkin, realgar, Spanish ocher, tangerine.
g. purple, amaranth, amethyst, Argyle, aubergine, bokhara, campanula, clematis, dahlia, damson, fuchsia, grape, gridelin, heliotrope, hyacinth, lavender, lilac, magenta, mauve, monsignor, mulberry, orchid, pansy, periwinkle, phlox, plum, prune, puce, raisin, raspberry, rubine, solferino, tulip, violet[ta].
h. [Castilian, Chinese, fire-engine, iron, Persian, Prussian, or Venetian] red, alpenglow, annatto, beet, begonia, blood, blush, bois de rose, Bordeaux, bougainvillea, brick, cameo, cardinal, carioca, carmine, carnation, carnelian, cerise, cherry, cinnabar, claret, cochineal, coral, cranberry, crimson, crimson lake, damask, fiesta, flamingo, garnet, geranium, grenadine, gules, hot pink, incarnadine, jockey, lake, lobster, madder, maroon, melon, moonlight, murrey, nymph, ombre, paprika, peach, pink, ponceau, poppy, puce, red lead, rhodamine, rose, rose madder, rouge, ruby, rust, salmon, scarlet, shocking pink, stammel, strawberry, tea rose, vermilion, wild cherry, wine.
i. white, alabaster, argent, chalk, columbine, eggshell, flake, ivory, milk, milkiness, nacre, oyster, snow, zinc white.
j. [cadmium, barium, chrome, Cassel, Indian, or Naples] yellow, amber, auramine, aureolin, banana, beige, blond, brass, brazilin, buff, butter, calendula, canary, chalcedony, chamois, champagne, chartreuse, citron, corn, cream, crocus, dandelion, ecru, flax, gamboge, gold, goldenrod, honey, jonquil, lemon, linen, maize, mustard, orpiment, palomino, pear, primrose, purree, quince, reed, saffron, safranine, sallow, sand, snapdragon, straw, sulphur, sunflower, wheaten, yellow ocher, yolk.
5. brunet, red- or towhead, [natural, bleached, strawberry, platinum, orperoxide] blond, raven-hair.
6. variegation, iridescence, play of colors; chameleon.
Verbs — color, colorize, dye, tinge, stain, tint, shade, paint, wash, gild; illuminate, emblazon; bedizen, imbue; suffuse; blush, change color (see modesty). See painting.
1. colored, colorific, chromatic, prismatic; full-colored, high-colored, Day-Glo; double-dyed; polychromatic; bright, brilliant, vivid, intense, deep; fresh, unfaded; rich, gorgeous, gay; soft-colored, pastel.
2. colorful, gaudy, florid, garish, showy, flaunting, flamboyant, flashy; raw, crude; glaring, flaring; discordant, harsh, clashing, inharmonious; mellow, harmonious, pearly, sweet, delicate, tender, refined; off-color.
3. (See also Nouns 4)
a. inky, coal-black, jet-black, pitchy, sooty.
b. cerulean.
c. coppery, brunet[te], fulvous.
d. steel-gray, French-gray, ashen, silvery, dove-gray, slaty, drab, mousy, battleship, cinereous.
e. pea-green, sea-green, bottle-green.
f. flame-colored.
g. plum-colored.
h. ruby-red, blood-red, beet-red, brick-red, rosy, roseate.
i. snowy, milky, chalky, creamy, pearly, off-white, oyster-white.
j. golden, sallow, cream-colored, xanthic, xanthous.
4. variegated (see variegation).
Quotations — Life is Color and Warmth and Light (Julian Grenfell), With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft (Henri Matisse), I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music (Joan Miro).
Antonyms, see colorlessness.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The quality of reflected light]
Syn. hue, tone, shade, tinge, tint, pigment, chroma, tinct, luminosity, chromaticity, undertone, value, iridescence, intensity, polychromAsia, colorimetric quality, coloration, discoloration, pigmentation, coloring, complexion, cast, glow, blush, wash, tincture; see also tint .
Ant. blackness, blankness, pallor.
Colors include --- colors in the solar spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet; physiological or additive primary colors: red, green, blue; psychological primary colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white; primary colors in painting: red, blue, yellow; achromatic colors: black, white, gray; secondary colors: green, orange, violet; see also black 1 , blue 1 , brown , gold 1 , gray 1 , green 1 , orange , pink , purple , red , tan , yellow 1 .
2. [Vividness]
Syn. brilliance, intensity, piquancy, zest, freshness, liveliness, vitality, force, interest, local color, colorfulness, brightness, richness, glow.
Ant. drabness, dullness*, dimness.
3. [Semblance or pretense]
Syn. appearance, pretext, guise; see appearance 1 , 2 , disguise , pretense 1 .
call to the colors,
Syn. draft, conscript, enlist; see enlist 1 , recruit 1 .
change color,
Syn. flush, redden, become red in the face; see blush .
lose color,
Syn. become pale, blanch, faint; see whiten 1 .
under color of,
Syn. under the pretext of, pretending to be, disguised as; see imitating , pretending .
Syn.- color is the general term for the property of reflecting light of a particular wavelength, allowing the eye to distinguish red, orange, yellow, blue, etc.; shade refers to any of the gradations of a color with reference to its degree of darkness [ a light shade of green ] ; hue , often equivalent to color , may more specifically indicate a modification of a basic color [ a reddish hue ]; in technical use, hue refers to the distinctive property of a color that enables it to be assigned a position in the spectrum; tint refers to a gradation of a color with reference to its degree of whiteness and suggests a paleness or delicacy of color [ pastel tints] ; tinge suggests the presence of a small amount of color, usually diffused throughout [ white with a tinge of blue ] v.
1. [To impart color to]
Syn. tint, dye, paint, stain, tinge, gloss, infuse, chalk, daub, gild, fresco, japan, enamel, lacquer, suffuse, stipple, variegate, pigment, distemper, glaze, tone, shade, wash, crayon, chRome, enliven, embellish, give color to, adorn, imbue, emblazon, illuminate, rouge; see also decorate , paint 1 , 2 .
Ant. bleach, fade*, deaden.
2. [To take on color]
Syn. blush, flush, redden, become rosy, turn red, bloom, glow, flame; see also blush .
Ant. pale, whiten*, grow ashen.
3. [To misrepresent]
Syn. distort, pervert, slant; see corrupt 2 , influence .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. hue tint, shade, tinge, cast, tone, coloring, pigment, dye, paint, stain.
2. complexion color, tone, bloom, blush, flush, ruddiness, rosiness, glow.
1. paint dye, tint, tinge, stain, suffuse, cast, daub, wash, blazon, imbue.
2. blush redden, glow, flush, bloom, brighten, burn, flame, turn crimson.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The property by which the sense of vision can distinguish between objects, as a red apple and a green apple, that are very similar or identical in form and size: hue, shade, tint, tone. See COLORS. 2. Something that imparts color: colorant, coloring, dye, dyestuff, pigment, stain, tincture. See COLORS. 3. Skin tone, especially of the face: coloring, complexion. See COLORS. 4. A fresh rosy complexion: bloom1, blush, flush, glow. See BETTER. 5. Fabric used especially as a symbol. Used in plural: banderole, banner, banneret, ensign, flag1, jack, oriflamme, pennant, pennon, standard, streamer. See SUBSTITUTE. 6. A deceptive outward appearance: cloak, coloring, cover, disguise, disguisement, façade, face, false colors, front, gloss, guise, mask, masquerade, pretense, pretext, semblance, show, veil, veneer, window-dressing. Slang: put-on. See SHOW. 7. Appearance of truth or authenticity: believability, credibility, credibleness, creditability, creditableness, plausibility, plausibleness, verisimilitude. See LIKELY. II verb 1. To impart color to: dye, stain, tincture, tint. See COLORS. 2. To immerse in a coloring solution: dip, dye. See COLORS, ENTER. 3. To become red in the face: blush, crimson, flush, glow, mantle, redden. See EXPRESS. 4. To give an inaccurate view of by representing falsely or misleadingly: belie, distort, falsify, load, misrepresent, misstate, pervert, twist, warp, wrench, wrest. Idiom: give a false coloring to. See TRUE. 5. To give a deceptively attractive appearance to: gild, gloss (over), gloze (over), sugarcoat, varnish, veneer, whitewash. Idioms: paper over, put a good face on. See TRUE.

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